GANOZHI TOOTHPASTE: Helps To Remove Oral Problems


  • Dental Problems


  • Strengthens the Gum and Roots of the Teeth
  • Reduces Bad Breath; Stops Gum bleeding & Oral Ulcers
  • Prevents Plaque formation on the Teeth
  • Keeps the mouth Fresh for a long time


  • Ganozhi Toothpaste, DXN Gano Tea / Spica Tea.

It cleanses Teeth, adds pleasant flavour and makes teeth brighter. It makes Gums tightened and strengthened. Gives teeth
sensitivity protection and gives temporary relief from toothache when applied on affected area. It stops gum bleeding, relieves from mouth ulcer and removes bad breath.

IT CAN BE USED AS FIRST AID CREAM ALSO: (This is for first aid purpose only and further treatment, consult physician.)

This tooth paste can be used as a face pack also. (Please avoid eye areas because it may cause irritation)

Removes imples and blackheads. Can be used as a after shaving cream. Repels smoking when applied on lips.

Dilute and apply on face and leave it for few minutes.


1] 150g packing
2] Contains organic substances
3] Contains Menthol.
4] Contains Ganoderma extract.


1] Ganoderma with its ingredients provides a healthy field.
2] Small quantity is sufficient as it is a little think.
3] Organic substances abort any side effects.
4] Menthol helps relieve pain.

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