Denesh Chinamoothoo – Success Story

DXN is the best partner for my health… Life always sends windows of opportunities to define our destiny.

I started DXN because of my health issues. I was diabetic since childhood. At the age of fifteen, complications aroused due to my Diabetes but I could not do anything to prevent the deterioration of my health. I also suffered a heart attack.

In 1995, I met someone from Malaysia at the Caudan temple, Port Louis, Mauritius. We started our conversation about the places to visit in Mauritius, after which I ended up talking about my health problems. He was the one, the stranger, the friend, the Godsend, who proposed DXN Ganoderma to me.

I began consuming Ganoderma and after achieving good results, I became very motivated in sharing Ganoderma with my friends and relatives. I set my first target; to be able to work and collect enough money to buy my first air ticket to Malaysia, because I personally wanted to thank the founder of DXN, Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin, for giving me the opportunity not only to improve my life but also the life of the people in Mauritius.

Furthermore, I also wanted to thank Dato’ Dr. Lim for giving me the opportunity to be one of the pioneers of the International market expansion by developing the market in Mauritius and establishing a DXN Branch there.

At that time, buying an air ticket was very difficult. After one year of hard work and devotion; I realized my dream in December 1997 by buying the first air ticket of my life. I got the chance to meet the founder of DXN, Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin who gave me so much confidence and blessing. In JANUARY 2016, I managed to achieve the highest status in DXN by becoming a DXN CROWN AMBASSADOR.

Without DXN and Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin, my life would never have been healthy, successful and happy.

I started working in DXN in 1996, and it has become a successful career of TWENTY HEALTHY YEARS. I now live a happy, fulfilling life and I hope, with DXN, I can make others happy too.


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About Mark Tacorda

Nong 2001, I was studying as a Com. Sci. at 1st years College ako non, at habang nag aaral ako, nagkaroon akong Sinusitis at Migraine, tinitiis ko lang, hanggang nakatapos ako nong 2005 April ng BS-Com. Sci. Meron parin akong Health problem, hanggang nag apply nako ako noon sa mga kompanya, gaya ng isang kilalang Pharmacy sa Bikol, yon ang una kong work after college… Read More >
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