Sayed Naeem Shah – Success Story

I am Sayed Naeem Shah and I am from Abbottabad (KPK), Pakistan. Due to financial constraints, I was unable to continue my studies, so I traveled to Karachi in search of a job. I got a job as a loader in a leather factory in 1996. The nature of my job was loading and unloading raw leather from morning to evening. I was not satisfied with my job as my salary was only Rs 3000/- ($30) per month, which made it difficult for me to make ends meet. I endured restless nights due to fatigue from my work. As I could not afford the bus fare, I had to go to work on foot, which was a 4-hour walk.
Nevertheless, I was still committed and dedicated to my job and my factory colleagues. However, the difficult work conditions and inadequate salary compelled me to find another job but my low qualifications stood against all my efforts. I kept praying to Allah SWT for a better opportunity so that I could fulfill all my dreams. One day as I was walking to work, I saw a crowd of people near a biscuit factory. Upon enquiry, it was revealed to me that the biscuit factory was offering jobs.

After a long wait in a queue, I went through the interview and got the job. In this factory, my job involved the loading and unloading of biscuit cartons. My salary was Rs.6000/- ($60) per month, which was a relief, in addition, this job was much better than my previous one as the environment was cleaner. However, I was still unsatisfied with the job as I was ambitious and eager to do something extraordinary for my family and me.
In 2007, the Almighty gifted me with DXN as the best source of Health, Wealth and Happiness. My friend, Mr. Javed invited me to attend a DXN Opportunity Meeting. After understanding DXN, I was 100% confident that DXN would make my dreams come true.

I am thankful to Allah SWT, Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin, my teachers, my DXN team and DXN staff who helped me achieve my goals. Today, I am earning Rs. 500,000/-($5000) per month. Through my earnings from DXN, I was also able to purchase a house that cost 5000000/- ($50000) and I now own my dream car. I got married on achieving the SD (Star Diamond) status and currently, my wife, Sidra Naeem and I are working together in DXN. Thanks to DXN, I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries.

My family and I have become healthy, wealthy and have achieved time freedom. Now, I have highly educated, pleasant people in my network from around the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Europe.

I have received so many blessings from those who joined DXN and have been using DXN products through my recommendation. With all that I have achieved, now I have only one dream and that is to become the first CA (Crown Ambassador) of DXN Pakistan.

See You At The Top!

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