DXN Products are basically Supplements with miraculous healing property of THE BODY through TRIPLE ACTION:

  • Removal of Toxins & Toxicity in the Body.
  • Balancing the Bio-Chemicals and Bio-Electricity in the System.
  • Providing Vital (Therapeutic) Minerals & Trace Elements to strengthen the Body.

Therefore, DXN Products may be consumed by ALL Humans-beings: Healthy, Sick as well as Terminal patients. The TRIPLE-OBJECTIVES of DXN consumption are:

  • PREVENT diseases in the case of Healthy (and vulnerable to sickness) people.
  • PROTECT and help Recovery for the Chronic / Terminal Patients.
  • PRESERVE healthy Functions of the body, Reduce sufferings and Extend life-span

Thus DXN products offer TOTAL and COMPLETE Health Solution to all.

The DXN Products differ from Drugs (Medicines) and Chemicals, in nature and actions.

  • DXN products are Supplements only.
  • They may be consumed along with any other line of Medical treatment.
  • They are used as Coactive / Adjuvant Therapy. No Side Effects.
  • NO INTERACTION with other lines of treatments & drugs.
  • No Dosage specificity.
  • Large volumes of consumption & prolonged usage: SAFE & NON TOXIC.

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