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Why DXN MLM Business?

What is Ganoderma & Spirulina?

Why should I join an MLM business? 

Multi-Level Marketing business or simply MLM is fast becoming a trend in the Philippines with a lot of individuals from all walks of life getting involved in it. The conception of MLM business in the country is considered a phenomenon because of the primary benefits each member can get from its products as well as the financial advantage they can gain from joining in this business.

Where did DXN originate? 

DXN was formally launched in Malaysia in December 1993. There are over 170 international branches and main stockists worldwide to date. It is a member of Direct-Selling Association of Malaysia. In 1999, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Lim Siow Jin brought DXN to Philippines. As of May 2012, the Philippines already has 300 Service Centers nationwide that cater to the needs of our distributors from Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and as far as Mindanao.

How legitimate is MLM industry is? 

Statistics from Malaysia’s Trade Ministry have shown that Malaysia is one of the countries around the world that have turned in Billion US Dollars annually from the MLM industry alone. MLM products are so pervasive that you can hardly escape from being involved in this industry one way or another. As such, the wise move for you is to jump into the bandwagon and start reaping the benefits of your membership. You will gain much wealth, health and friends from your network.

Why should I choose DXN?

The growth and life span of any company lies in the strength of its products. The flagship product of DXN – the Reisho Gano (RG) & Ganocelium (GL) – is a superior health food products catering to the ever-increasing demands of this health-conscious world. The efficacy of these products alone is proven through many testimonies received from our 2.5 million consumers based worldwide. RG and GL is a record-breaking products. These products have benefited and helped many people. And on top of enjoying a healthy life because of DXN products, members are assured of lucrative bonuses. The assurance of an excellent product with growing awareness and steady demands, together with a committed company mission holds many promises for an investment that you can be proud of.

Why You Should Join DXN?

Knowing the reason WHY is the first thing that every DXN distributor must learn to appreciate this business. Even you’ve shown the beauty of the business to your future business partners they won’t do this business if they don’t know why should they do the business. Letting them know the beauty and the reason to do DXN business will avoid them to easily quit doing the business and share the same vision that we have.

Benefits why you should join DXN right now:

  • Time Freedom, be with who you want, when you want, where you want. No more Bundy clock.
  • Financial Freedom. Buy whatever you want for you and your family.
  • Travel or Vacation where you like to Not where you can merely afford.
  • Give more to charities or community organizations.
  • Bring your spouse at home from work.
  • No daycare for your kids, you can be with them and spend quality time.
  • Send your kids to whatever school you want to.
  • Live where you want.
  • Have the car you want.
  • Help people in need.
  • Inspire people.
  • Educate people.
  • Learn more for yourself.
  • Manage your money better.
  • Have good relationship with your family and friends.
  • Manage your time better.
  • Be more productive and a goal oriented person.
  • Become a leader to create more leaders.
  • Become more confident.
  • Accomplish more dreams.
  • Leave a legacy by helping people reach their goals in life.
  • Teach your children or grandchildren success principles.
  • Be Happier, live a more fulfilling life.
  • Have a better lifestyle.
  • Make new friends, have a closer relationship that is more meaningful.
  • Have a stress free life.
  • Reduce worrying where finance isn’t an issue.
  • Pay off your debt, easily pay your bills.
  • Have friends that share your goals.
  • Have a new family, DXN family.
  • Create a community, became a part of a movement or an evolution of change.
  • Gain a new mindset, be more positive and more optimistic, hang out with positive people who inspire you to be a better person.
  • Be more equipped to overcome challenges easily.
  • Be supported and believed in by a team dedicated to your success.
  • Learn what you always wanted to learn.
  • Time to mentor young adults.
  • Simple business plan and product that’s extremely affordable.
  • Most people loves Coffee,want to become healthy and wealthy.
  • A Stable company that has a right opportunity, it’s a great timing.
  • Low start-up cost business. Saved thousands of money to start your own business from scratch versus traditional businesses.
  • DXN is a multi billion dollar company that promotes wellness, personal development, and financial freedom.
  • Flexible hours, full or part time.
  • Earn bonuses and incentives.
  • Very achievable significant income if you apply yourself.
  • There’s no catches no gimmicks.
  • Extra income
  • You can apply the most powerful and proven tool to success the “Law Of Leverage” for FREE.
  • There’s new hope for new levels of success in your life.
  • It won’t take much of your time to evaluate rather if it’s a match for you or not, all you have to do is to decide if you want to become successful and work it out with DXN team support.

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