4 Easy Steps for Total Fitness:

Step 1 :
Detox – Clears toxins which interrupt our cell metabolism and inner body functions.

Step 2 : Regulate – Regulates and mobilizes all disrupted bodily functions to achieve a state of harmony and well being of all systems.

Step 3 : Enhance high metabolism rate – Increase cell metabolic activities to enhance cellular calorie burning capacity and to avoid accumulation of toxins

Step 4 : Nourish – Replenish your body with essential nutrients and vitamins to perform optimally.


A Healthy Package with a good healthy choice of products which are the key component for total fitness. These products are:

DXN MycoVeggie
– Elimination of waste from the digestive tract
– Promotes bowel movement
– Helps to relieve constipation

DXN Spirulina Tablet
– Promotes good health and helps in healing process.
– Rich in nutrients

DXN Bee Pollen
– Increases energy to ensure efficiency in daily activities
– Contains complete nutrients that promote health for everyone

DXN Spirulina Cereal
– Low in fat,
– high in fibre,
– rich in nutrients and cholesterol free.

DXN Nutrizhi
– Nutritious drink mixture of soy with malt and added with Ganoderma Mycellium extract & other beneficial nutrients.

DXN Fitness Solution Package makes you:

  1. Stay Healthy
  2. Keep Fit &
  3. Feel Great

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