The Reproductive System

The major function of the human reproductive system is to produce offspring, ensure survival of the species and passing on hereditary traits from one generation to the next. The human reproductive system has four main functions: To produce egg cells (female) and sperm cells (male); to transport and sustain these cells; to nurture the developing […]

The Respiratory System

How important is breathing? We eat, talk, walk, think and work everyday. All these activities or movements, be it simple or complicated, can only be done with so-called “burning energy” using food as source of energy and in the presence of oxygen that we breathe in. Oxygen get into our body through inhalation while carbon […]

The Digestive System

“You are what you eat”. The food we consume everyday serves as fuel to generate energy for our daily activities and also as building blocks to repair our body tissues and organs. However, the food we consume must be first broken down into smaller molecule of nutrients that is ready for the body to use. […]

The Immune System

We are exposed to harmful microorganisms everyday, such as bacteria and virus. Many life threatening diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms such as pneumonia, dengue, malaria, botulism, AIDS and etc. Harmful microbes can penetrate into our body through inhalation, exposed wound, insects bites, […]

The Fitness Solution

4 Easy Steps for Total Fitness:

Step 1 : Detox – Clears toxins which interrupt our cell metabolism and inner body functions.

Step 2 : Regulate – Regulates and mobilizes all disrupted bodily functions to achieve a state of harmony and well being of all systems.

Step 3 : Enhance high metabolism rate – Increase […]