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STEP #1: Visit DXN SERVICE CENTER near you and ask our DXN Office Teller/Staff about DXN APPLICATION MEMBERSHIP FORM and get one.

STEP #2: Write your personal information data at member form like, NAME, BIRTH DATE, EMAIL, MOBILE NUMBER etc.

Below of member form write down the SPONSOR CODE [1] and SPONSOR NAME [2]:

[1] Sponsor Code: 660000171
[2] Sponsor Name: FARHAT NAHEED

STEP #3: Review the form and submit your member form to DXN teller/staff & pay your DXN Membership Package that you choose.

Once you already registered and have new membership code number kindly send your DXN Member Code Number in Facebook of our TEAM LEADER Here, to make you a replicated TEAM TRIPLICA WEBSITE and you can add me in my FACEBOOK HERE.

Summary Features of DXN Marketing Plan:

  • Global Plan – One World One Market, One Global Network
  • Energy Saving Plan – With upward compression mechanism
  • Low Pressure, High Reward – Low maintenance, high % of bonus payout
  • Enjoy Worldwide Profit Sharing And Overriding – International profit sharing, Leadership Bonus etc
  • Reward For Depth Expansion – Overriding bonus not limited to 5 generations
  • Better Reward For Width Expansion – Overriding % proportional to number of qualified lines
  • Flexible Network – Reward for both width and depth expansion
  • Fair Plan – Downline can overtake upline after they breakaway
  • Low Breakaway Target – Easily promoted and breakway from upline
  • Achievable Plan – Low target for promotion, low monthly maintenance for bonus
  • Retirement Plan – For high rank distributor, qualification PV can be borrowed
  • Win Win Plan – When downline promoted, upline will get better reward with higher %.
  • Combination Of static & Dynamic Plan – No drop in % for Distributor (6% – 21%); for SA and above, they are able to get higher % for better performance.
  • 14 Ranks For Promotion – More recognition for distributors.
  • Two Travel Seminar Incentives For Different Categories Of Qualifier – Taking care of both higher and lower level distributors.

Your Benefits When You Join in DXN…


No demotion of Status.

Entitled to development bonus even though your down line is at higher status than you with the condition that you maintain 1000 PPV (Philippines) or 100 PPV (KSA, Europe).

One World One Market” allows you to sponsor international with a single membership code.


Simple and effective marketing plan enable you to reap higher profits.


Low maintenance. Only need to maintain the minimum PV.

The higher the status, the higher the freedom (independence).



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Living in LONDON, UK


Living in Philippines

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