DXN Aquazeon™ Energy Water System

DXN Aquazeon™ Energy Water System is a 5-stage filtration water system made of the best selected quality materials to solve most water quality problems. It is a perfect water system to purify, energize, anti-oxidize and magnetize water. It effectively removes 99.99% of water-borne disease causing bacteria and viruses in drinking water. With DXN Aquazeon™ Energy Water System, the taste, odour and clarity of water are significantly improved. It ensures the fulfillment of a water filtration system for your maximum satisfaction.

DXN Energy Plus Water System

Safe Water, Healthy Life, Peace of Mind!

The DXN Energy Plus Water System is a water filtration system that employs a 6 filter cartridge system. Each filter cartridge contains different components and elements for different filtration functions. With various different filter functions, undesirable chemicals, bacteria, sediments, etc. are eliminated from the water. Hence, with the DXN Energy Plus Water System, you can enjoy clean and safe drinking water.

Benefits of the DXN Energy Plus Water System :

  • Double filtration for removing harmful impurities like suspended solids, bacteria, etc.
  • Breaks down the water molecules into smaller clusters.
  • Alkaline and antioxidant properties.
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) Technology.
  • Softens hard water.
  • Reduces unpleasant tastes and odors.

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